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Advance Leaf-Tech Pte Ltd (Leaf™), (, is a new age company focused on twin objectives of a) delivering advanced learning in financial disciplines relevant to the global financial markets and b) develop consulting practice built around continuous learning for the global financial market place and an ever changing regulatory landscape.

Leaf™ (our learning brand) is the culmination of multiple decades of successful collaboration with the global financial industry in product development, compliance and risk management as leaders driving important functions in global banks.  Further, the originators of Leaf™ have also played a deep role in building business across Asia and Middle East for technology companies in the Asset & Wealth management arena.

Through Leaf™, AdvanceLeaf will endeavor to evolve a new breed of professionals ( business analysts, project managers & program managers ) with command over complex finance functions and raise the impact they have in financial institutions.  Industry in general ( Technology companies & Financial Institutions) have a recurring need to re-skill their employees, partners and other stakeholders in highly specialised areas with abundant focus on global financial regulations.

AdvanceLeaf sets up to deliver much of its services digitally, lending itself to high levels of innovation. It is driven solely by its passion for excellence, to be continuously connected with the global financial industry and provide useful and rich solutions to its clients.